Dragon’s Crown x 4.

4 people in my household, me included, have been playing Dragon’s Crown for the last, hmmm, let’s say month. It’s been super fun. We go on adventures, get cool armor, listen to the fun storyline/great music, look at the rather sexy pictures, and just generally enjoy ourselves. With a relatively easy play style (but still challenging enough to make it interesting) and great art direction, I would usually rate this game highly. However, I really think it has a fatal flaw – it doesn’t keep track of multiple characters during story development.

What I mean is this – even though we used the same 4 characters throughout the game (btw, I was the Elf), only player number 1 actually unlocked the end game play when we finished. Yes, you read that right, we now each have to go back and do it all over in order to progress to the next stage of the game. All 4 of us. That’s right…all 4 of us have to beat the game separately. Even though we did all quests together. Now we do it together 4 times. Sorry I’m over emphasizing this; I’m just having a hard time actually believing this. I mean, it is a multiplayer game after all.

Other than this rather minor flaw (sarcasm intended), it was a very enjoyable game. The story line was super fun, and the twisted references to Disney classics made me laugh. Also, if you truly unleash the pervert inside and touch/click on all the things (wink, wink) you get some additional interesting commentary. The start is a bit rough, waiting for everyone to level up their skills and learn their character types can be a little monotonous, but just grab a beer or cocktail and be patient. Once you get past the point where you level really quickly, it evens out and game play overtakes wait time.

The 4 characters we played? The Knight, the Dwarf, the Amazon, and the Elf. Smexy, smexy. I’ve included some pictures below so you can get a feel for the art style, because when all is said and done, I’d still recommend Dragon’s Crown. I can’t wait to see what the Elf looks like when I beat the game for the 4th time.


6 thoughts on “Dragon’s Crown x 4.

  1. This has been on and off my radar since I heard about it, and it really looks great. This is the first I’ve read about that though! What kind of multiplayer focused game doesn’t track progress…

      1. True. Quest progress/completion is tracked for all characters, but main story is only credited to player 1. You’ll have to take turns with the other 3 until you all get runes/unlock online multiplayer, completing what I refer to as “the extended tutorial”.

        I learned this the hard way. First play through, had two characters who qualified for endings (Fighter and Dwarf), while the other two didn’t count. Now I have to beat the game again once the other two are ready to get their endings/unlocks.

  2. It is an awesome game. Can’t emphasize that enough. That said, the multiplayer woes, while unfortunate, are avoidable once you get to a certain progression point for all characters. Until that point, yes, you will have to do the story over and over again until everyone gets caught up, which is a real drag. Once you get your characters all caught up, however, you can all proceed to the end of the game at once and get all the endings at once.

    1. Forgot to mention at what point your characters can proceed to the end of the game and get credit: you have to unlock runes for each of your characters, which also grants them access to the online multiplayer. So, if you get to that point, with each of your characters, you can then beat the game with them all and it counts for all of them.

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