Graffiti: It’s always interesting (this time it’s in The Mission, SF)

These shots, taken a little before I started this blog, are details of an awesome mural in The Mission district of San Francisco. At the time, I didn’t know I would be hosting a blog, so I didn’t really try to get a large overview, as the details were what interested me (also, with cars and people in the way it was a bit difficult). However, I think the details are cool enough to also stand on their own. This art is tagged by what looks like a few groups: SUK, COD, and TVC, but also by a particular artist who has been in those groups: Peruse. I don’t know if Peruse did this on his/her own, or with more members of the group, but I like it regardless! One detail I find particularly cool in these closeup photos: the drips of paint underneath the mural. They create an inspiring texture.


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