Weekend Space Case.

This weekend I got a new writing space. I’m so excited!!!! We converted an area in the back room and turned it into a super cool space where I can sit on a huge bouncy ball and write/type/research/do whatever.

As you will see in the pictures below, my boyfriend had previously put in beautiful shelves made out of shutters so that I could store all my fabric. It was literally head to toe filled with all kinds of goodies. Well, I decided to buy some large storage bins, five to be exact, fill them up with fabric, and put them under the house. That way, when I am ready to do a project, it will be an adventure to find what I want. Who doesn’t like adventures in dark dungeons with spiders, webs, sharp objects, and a plethora of other dangers?!?!? Me, ME!

So like usual, to start our project we went to Urban Ore. This is an amazing spot that has lots of interesting, and bizarre, things for cheap. Including lines of toilets, heaps of old windows, and bathtubs galore. There is even more amazing stuff inside, just ignore the slight (or overpowering sometimes) mouse smell and shop, Shop, SHOP! And, it’s all recycled. Finally, guilt-free shopping. We have used them quite frequently for home projects, and the results are always unique and beautiful. Or at least we think so. We ended up with some type of closet door contraption, already painted a beautiful blue, that Ryan converted into a tabletop for me. Stick on some cleverly designed folding legs, and I have a beautiful, space-saving, work table. I love it!

I added some magnet boards on the wall to start hanging research material, so pretty soon I’ll be in business. If you are ever in the Berkeley/Oakland area, I would highly suggest checking out Urban Ore, and see if you can find the hidden Gats graffiti <3 (pictured below).


2 thoughts on “Weekend Space Case.

  1. I am longing to create a space for myself that fosters creativity! So, supe’s jelly-town, yo. I love how environments change the way our minds think, showing us different sides to who we are. Like one thing written in one space could change drastically, by the influence of nothing but a different environment.

    1. Yeah, I am super happy to finally get a space, and you’re so right about the importance of environment. I’m also excited because the space is right near the backdoor, so I’ll have access to fresh air and sunlight. Perfect. I hope you get a writing area soon too!!

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