Girl: on girl action.

so pretty <3
so pretty <3

We finally finished Tomb Raider! It took awhile because of interruptions by Dragon’s Crown and Cowboy Bebop, but last Friday night we played to the end. I say ‘we’ because even though I’m not the one holding the controller, I watch the entire game, including all game play, help with the puzzles, solve mysteries, and sometimes give alert when danger approaches. You know, like a backseat driver. So, I’m an honorary player or something.

Anyway, here’s my take on the game. Most of it was great, and some of it was “Meh.” Seriously, to date, I think it is the only game that has made me let out an audible scream. Now, granted, my audible scream is more like a tiny “ah!” than a full-blown horror squeal, but still, that’s saying something. It got my adrenaline going. Part of that is just the game storyline itself (it’s kind of scary!), but another big part is the actual game presentation. They made the screen naked of all information, so it almost always looks like you’re in a cutscene. This is where the game really shines in my opinion. It looks great. Also, you can’t relax, because sometimes in cutscenes you have to react and push a button or start playing again. In this way, it’s very seamless and enjoyable.

I also feel that perhaps I got a bit more into it because the main character is a girl, and in case you’re wondering, so am I. On one level, this made the game, and the situations, almost scarier for me. I really felt it. However, on another level I think that they took the fact that she is a girl too seriously. For example, she will be super strong, killing guys right and left, and then suddenly break down and cry. Now, while this is a completely natural reaction to being in such a horrible situation, I felt that the transitions weren’t that great, so it was a bit awkward on the viewers’ end. It’s like, seriously? You’re making her cry just because she’s a girl, right? I mean, maybe if they played up the psychology just a bit more – how awesome would it have been to have a PTSD dream sequence for example, where you have to play out a nightmare or something – then it would have made sense.

Now that’s a pretty harsh and unfair criticism on my end I feel. In reality, the storyline and the characters were flushed out and interesting. I just happen to really love watching video games, and I want them to be all that they can be. Like some type of twisted Olympic coach.

However, I will levy one real criticism about the game. WHY DIDN’T SHE HAVE A COAT?!?!?! Seriously! There were sequences where the wind and the snow and everything else were just too much for her spaghetti straps. If it’s about no longer seeing her boobs/lovely toned body, all I have to say is this – the coat boob is a highly underrated, sexy phenomenon. She could have rocked it. I mean, how many guys did she kill? She totally could have jacked a coat, done some quick alterations, and voila! Perfect coat boob.

Hmmm… anything else I can say without giving away too much? No. So I will say this instead – play it. If you like action games, and want something a bit different from the normal male lead, give this a shot. It’s beautiful, interesting, adrenaline inducing, and though she’s a survivor, she has a sensitive side. Also, the bow and arrow is epic.


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