Fog City: the quest for perfection.

I have to admit that one of my favorite things about San Francisco is the fog. Most San Franciscans might be horrified to hear this, as the fog is a major source of complaint, but I adore it. Whole neighborhoods are practically abandoned as soon as the fog rolls in, as people run off in search of eternal California sunshine. I run towards it. Sweeping in with a whisper, and exiting with a ray of sunshine, it keeps the city mysterious. I feel alone in the fog – it creates that singular longing that aches but makes my whole body tingle with the freshness and the obscurity. A baptism of water droplets, I am created anew each time the fog rolls in.

I’ve often wanted to capture this feeling, this beauty, on photograph, but haven’t really had any luck. Part of this is simply my tools – I haven’t invested in the right equipment to enable the type of atmosphere I really want. A movement here, a sparkle there, an emptiness somewhere else. Another portion though, is a fault of my thinking. To me, a photograph of fog is almost like a Holy Grail – a lifelong quest where the experience is perhaps more important than the goal. Anyway, I thought that today, in our season of September summer, I would share with you what our July winter looks like.

Additionally, there is a beautiful video that Simon Christen created of the San Francisco fog that creates a mood closely aligned with what I feel I’m looking for. It is much better than my own photos below (remember, I’m just an amateur photographer), so I would highly suggest checking it out!


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