Wiki Nerds, or in other news, Rayman Legends


I was introduced to the Rayman series with Rayman Raving Rabbids. It was epic. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t like slapping small, singing rabbits when they’re out of tune? Next stop for the household was Rayman Origins. Because I had enjoyed Raving Rabbids so much, I was looking forward to Origins immensely. It was totally different than what I was expecting, and equally awesome. In fact, there was an ocean level where our household would swear an oath that the little voices are singing, “you and other Wiki Nerds.” For some reason it stuck. Now, this faction of the Rayman series will forever be called Wiki Nerds to me. In fact, if my boyfriend mentions Rayman, half the time I look at him with a totally blank expression until he sighs in exasperation, says, “Wiki Nerds?” and watches me freak out in excitement. Which is exactly what happened when he told me he bought Rayman Legends.

Not only is it a great multi-player game, it expertly utilizes the new Wii U Game Pad, has great music, cool new characters, and TONS of content. In a word: AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously. Both my boyfriend, Ryan, and his younger brother are top-notch video gamers. Me? Not so much. However, Legends makes it totally okay for all of us to play together. Part of this is because they make up for, and don’t mind, my terrible playing, but another part is just the great game play mechanics. It’s not a big deal if I fuck up, because I can move my little burst bubble over to other, more expert players, and get revived with no penalties.

If I’m really having a hard time, I can take over the little froggy, fairy creature on the Wii U pad. This lets me help the boys by getting them more points and otherwise making myself useful. I still feel totally involved, but have my own role to play. In certain levels, where the fairy frog is mandatory, their lives are in my hands – literally. Somehow, maybe because I’m so clumsy but generally have fun, or maybe because they gain masochistic pleasure out of letting me play God, the boys think this is the best.

There are a shit ton of levels to enjoy, and at the end of each gallery (the levels are adorable picture frames of beautifulness) there is an entire level that plays to a song. I mean it. Your actions are in time to the song playing. The first time we got to one of these levels we were like kids in a candy shop, dazzle-eyed and drooling – AMAZABALLS!!!!!

Where I really can’t get too involved (my low level skill is too frustrating), but still love watching what happens, is the daily and weekly challenges. This is a truly fun addition to the game where players battle each other virtually to gain points and get trophies! I mean ‘battle’ loosely, in that you are competing by time only, and just see other players’ little ghosts running the course. It’s really fun.

Really, Rayman Legends is currently my favorite platform game. While I am excited to see the next Mario game, for now, this ranks as #1. I highly recommend this game, and honestly, playing the Wii U is fun. It gives an added dimension (both by being able to create an entire new play style and giving an extra screen), and it looks great! By having a lot of menu options on the Wii U pad instead of on the screen, it makes the gameplay more smooth and concise. All and all a great family, college pad, or ruckus loving person’s multi-player game.


2 thoughts on “Wiki Nerds, or in other news, Rayman Legends

    1. I totally agree! Legends is great <3 and Origins was awesome as well. Especially if you don't have a Wii U but want to have fun. Origins can be played on PS3, Wii, XBox 360, and some handhelds (Yay for versatility!).

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