Graffiti: It’s always interesting (Market St., SF)

Yesterday, when I had to take a quick jaunt into the city to complete some homework, I spotted this mural. I’d seen it before, but hadn’t had a chance to really photograph it. It’s great. The artists are Cannon Dill, Zio Zeigler, and Brett Flanigan. When I first started taking pictures, a guy in an orange vest (like a construction worker) was readjusting one of the small panels at the bottom that seemed to have come loose. We exchanged greetings, I took my pictures, and then before I knew it, he had melted away! I didn’t even really get to talk to him about who he was or what he was doing :(  Also, I actually jaywalked across the street (I’m getting adventurous in my old age) in order to grab these photos before rushing back over to the east bay. So enjoy my semi-illegally obtained iphone photos!


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