The Commute.

Today I have a poem for you – weird I know – but don’t worry, I won’t do it too often :) Anyway, I used to write poetry quite a lot when I was younger, but this one is pretty recent. I wrote it about an event (actually while the event was happening) that made me so mad that the only thing I could do was open my notebook and write about it.



Today on the city train,

the N line,

we hit someone,

a bum, I think.

He’s alive, and no one seems particularly concerned.

One lady jovially states that she sees a leg

coming up from underneath.

The people around me are all

smiling and laughing,

some irritated at the sudden delay,

most curious about

what is going on.

A man takes a picture with his iPhone.

The two women behind me,

one with a horrible

hyena laugh,

make fun of the train driver’s accented English as he

comes over the radio.

“Something on the track.

I cannot move.

Sorry about that.”




2 thoughts on “The Commute.

  1. aghhhhh….great poem. but, i know what this was inspired by. i had an experience like this on wednesday last week, and it shook me up for the rest of the week.

    there are days when i really can’t wait to get away from sf. as much as i love california, i also think that it is one of the worst places i have ever lived in (the landscape is nice but i can’t say that i feel the same way about its people). anyways, without sounding too negative……

    good to see you working on poetry. :)

    1. Yeah, it was not a great experience, but the nice thing is that the guy really was fine. The reactions around me were more than I could handle though. I’m glad you liked the poem <3 and the people really are what makes the place. Lucky, I have great people around me that keep the mean people at bay ;)

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