Graffiti: It’s always interesting (especially around the Tenderloin, SF)

In a small alleyway called Hemlock, I found some pretty cool wall murals today. It really all started about a week or so ago. I was waiting for a bus, the 19 to be exact, and saw a small, wall-panel mural that looked super cool across the street from me. I walked across, took a picture, and ran to catch my bus. A few days later, I was walking in the same area (this time the bus had abandoned me and I decided to hoof it) when I noticed an accompanying wall mural that complimented that panel I had photographed. It was about a block away and around the corner from the first image. However, I was in a rush, with tons of stuff in my arms (a men’s tailored suit jacket I’m working on, rulers, fabric, ALL the things), so I refrained from exploring. Today, remembering my previous curiosity, about the alleyway, I checked it out. It’s pretty cool.

There are three main areas of graffiti in the alley, and it’s all awesome. Rime, Dabs, and Myla collaborated for one of the murals (the one with the cartoonish characters smoking), but unfortunately I’m not having much luck finding who did the other work. Epic fail on my part – I can’t seem to read tags. I’ll add an addendum if I find out more!


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