White Moth in Sunshine

So I know I said I wouldn’t post very much poetry, but I guess I lied. Here is a poem that I wrote this weekend, and I would say it will be the last for awhile, but I can only take being a liar so much. So in the interest of truth I’ll remain silent :D


The air licks my skin,

the perfect temperature of water on a sizzling hot day.

White moths flutter,

kissing the sun drenched leaves and flowers

in my garden.

The orange tree blossoms

small puckers of fragrance,

and like a bee I am drawn to them.

I almost remember a time

of innocence.

A time without the twisting wretchedness in my gut

that leaves me



cold to your touch.

Perhaps if I lay in the sun long enough

I’ll melt,

arch my back,

dissolve into honey droplets of sunlight at your fingers

until only my bones are left.

Then I too will be able to fly again

with innocence.

A white moth in sunshine.

-October 13, 2013


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