Graffiti: It’s always interesting (Am I eternally in the Tenderloin?)

Once again, the Tenderloin offered up beautiful graffiti. The intense repetition of the tag, along with the subtle color build up, made this wall a real stand out for me. In all honesty, I have no idea what it says, what it represents, or who did it, but I really love it. What dedication!!! I mean, most of the graffiti I post and enjoy has quite a bit of work that goes into it, but something about seeing the buildup of small repetitive gestures turn into something on a large scale always impresses me. It also reminds me of ‘Moreing,’ an art movement based on possessing multiples of the same thing (a concept I find fascinating).

Around the corner from the main work there was another wall with the same lettering buildup (or so it seemed to me). Underneath that was the phrase, Jinx Ditto. I can’t find anything about that online, but I have to say, somehow that phrase fits perfectly with the repetition of the work. Really, it is somehow poetic, but then again, I seem to be in a poetry frame of mind.


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