Graffiti: It’s always interesting (Tenderloin again).

Once again, I’m in the Tenderloin. Well, it makes sense as I go to school around that area, but still! I ought to get out and about more it seems :) However, this was fun. It started in an alley, as usual. Then I moved on to a dumpster. Next, a large wall mural. Finally, looking across the street I spot a truck. I go over to take pictures of that too, enjoying my meandering, jay walking stroll through the Tenderloin, when all of a sudden a man tells me, “You can’t take pictures!” I look up, pout, and am about to say something when he laughs and says, “I’m only joking!”

I seem to have a face that says, “Tease me! I’ll like you anyway” because things like this happen to me all the time. I’m the type of person that gets told at the grocery store that my total is $30 when I’m only buying an onion and an ice cream bar. When I look up to protest, the cashier is smiling down at me, waiting to see if I believe him. So, in some senses, I’m used to it. Anyway, I strike up conversation with the man, and it turns out to be his truck. He delivers milk, and used to get his truck written on all the time. So, thinking he may as well get some decoration and advertisement that he likes, he went to 6th and Howard and asked the youngins to do it for him. I guess it’s a known hot spot, a real hang-out location. I must admit, I admire the results. It even shows him delivering milk on the side. Cute! And now, he never really gets tagged. It was the first time I’ve talked to the milk man (blush).

Anyway, most of the pictures are of random tags and stickers that I don’t know anything about, but the mural is by Aryz. Check out his website, because his stuff is pretty awesome!


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