The Walking Devs.

Day of the Devs. Yup. I went. And it was fun!!!! We arrived around 5:00 and got right to business. The business of checking out new games that is. The two story venue was packed, PACKED!!! but there were plenty of things to see and have fun with. First up, we went to check out the new Supergiant game, Transistor, of course! I mean, come on, Rucks (aka Logan Cunningham) wakes me up every morning when my boyfriend’s alarm goes off. And when we saw Darren Korb we all had a bit of a fangasm. The game looks great <3 We didn’t get a chance to try it out, but even just watching was super fun.

Next we noticed a really cute looking game that I at first mistakenly thought was multiplayer. NOPE!!!! Instead, the player gets to manipulate time, and so you end up playing with little ghosts of yourself. It’s a really interesting concept and one I’d like to see in action a bit more. As it was, I had to stand on tiptoe to even get a glimpse, and I’m no shorty. It’s called Super Time Force, and I think it’s definitely worthy to be on your radar.

Eventually we did spot a real multiplayer game, called Mercenary Kings. It’s even split screen. A 2D game with awesome jungle animation, it looked like bunches of fun. Currently available on Steam for early access, we may or may not get it soon. I’m not sure. Honestly, I’m easily overwhelmed and as much as most people like split screen, I’ll have to get used to it. But perhaps that would solve my “Where am I?!?!?!?!?” conundrum I find myself so frequently in.

At this point we were well “in our cups.” Translation? We were tipsy and having a great time. This is when we stumbled upon Hohokum. A sheer delight. It’s a bit different than most games, as you can’t really fuck up and you can’t die, but that doesn’t make it any less of a challenge. It’s a puzzle game, sort of, a world exploration, sort of, and mostly just all around fun. Also, beautiful. Definitely on my wish list of games I want to watch and maybe even play. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like controlling a one-eyed snake on a search for honey.

Then to get in the mood for the last portion of the night, we got to watch a demonstration of Fantasia: Music Evolved, by Harmonix. Once again, it was awesome. The environment of the game was beautiful, the gesturing of the player with XBox One using the Kinect Camera seemed very intuitive and made sense. The clincher? When the demonstration song was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m not going to lie, we sang our hearts out, and maybe even did some slight head banging. Enjoyable. Too bad we probably won’t be getting the XBox One. Pout!

All in all, the games were fun to see, the people were great, and we definitely were little fan boys and girls. Lilly’s voice actress in Walking Dead? Check! Tim Schafer? Check! Naomi Kyle? Check! It was fun.

Perhaps the highlight of the night for me was Phil Fish DJing. When he started overlaying Cold as Ice with his beats, he had me. I spent the entire rest of the evening getting my grove on – which was AMAZING!!!!! I love dancing. Confession? Yes. And I’m totally willing to have a dance off any day of the week, and no, I promise not to take it seriously.


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