Graffiti: It’s in the Mission!

There is a ton of interesting things going on in the Mission District of San Francisco – most of which I know nothing about :D However, I do know that there are some pretty badass graffiti artists/mural painters who have had fun there. Walking around for just a little while one can become almost saturated with color and texture. This time though, I’m only going to give you a little bit of it.

The first little section are three painted doors I found. They are super fun! And they are in the spirit of the Day of the Dead (which was just a bit ago so I feel justified still posting about it). It seems they were painted in 2010, but I can’t read the signature. I’ll include it in case someone else is better at deciphering than me <3. The second section of graffiti – just two pictures really – are from a construction site I noticed. I couldn’t get very close, but I stood on tiptoe and held my phone over the solid fencing to get the pictures. There were people around so I couldn’t really trespass :( Which is fine, because knowing my luck, if I trespass on a construction site, I’m sure to get hurt. On one side there is a beautiful mural of seals, supposedly by the artist ROA. One the other side, it looks like script writing from the same artist I posted earlier! Love it. I wonder what’s going to happen to these two walls with all the construction going on?


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