Graffiti: It’s in Oakland this time.

On my walk to the BART, I noticed a new mural getting painted. I excitedly asked the two artists if I could take some pictures. They, ever so obligingly, agreed! So this time I have some in-process pictures and then the finished works. I think both of the pieces are great <3 The first piece, the painting girl, is by Peskador. The huge Yoda and accompanying work is by Desi Mundo. These artists are working with CRP Bay Area, the Community Rejuvenation Project. It seems like a really cool project, and if you are in the Bay Area, there are even ways you can become involved!

I don’t often get to talk to, or even see, the artists whose work I photograph, so it was a great treat for me to stumble upon these two awesome men working. Especially since it turned out so cool. And that they are working on such a cool project. And…and… okay, maybe I’m turning into a graffiti fangirl.

There are a lot of pictures this time, but hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: I learned that in fact, while Desi Mundo painted the lettering on the Yoda wall, Pancho Peskador actually painted the Yoda.


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