Graffiti: It’s a colorful walk through the Tenderloin.

As usual, I seem to be drawn to the Tenderloin, and this time, there were quite a few beautiful finds. It started with the mural collaboration of Fauna graphic, Rocket01, and Eon75. Located outside an Irish pub, the mural’s whimsical and ethereal nature seems somehow just right. Don’t ask me why though, because ‘ethereal’ and ‘Irish pub’ are not usually put together in my lexicon.

Next is a beautiful, intricate, rather bizarre, wall mural by How and Nosm. I was super excited to see this, as I know their work and have admired it for awhile. It was an unexpected treat! It is located on two walls inside a locked parking lot, so it was a bit difficult to get pictures. Maybe I will have to go back with some tennis shoes on and see if I can’t hope on in <3

My attention was then caught by an old ad painting for 7up. I really like seeing the peeling, kind of decrepit, advertisements. First, because it is a testament to mural artists in the past – and an almost forgotten art form – and because somehow it seems like poetic justice. It also made me think of a documentary I really want to see: Sign Painters.

Finally, my walk finished up with a rather loud, amazing wall fellow. By Os Gemeos, this guy is loud, fun, and huge!

All in all, it was a great walk with some really epic graffiti. I think I may go back to get some more pictures later!


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