Poetry, again.

I haven’t been able to post much – the holidays – but today I thought I’d share a poem I wrote a few days ago. It’s the poetry section of my creative writing class, and as usual, I get sucked up into whatever I’m studying. So here it is:


In that many-roomed house

where people sing without reason,

coke cures all ailes,

and the water ebbs and flows,

I wait for him –

that man with the pretty blond wife.

I know I have time in a backpack

so that waking and falling asleep

no longer have meaning

and sitting in a parking structure in China

feels just the same as

turning upside down on that roller coaster with my dog.

I used to be in phone marketing,

the dream me of waiting,

under the clear water of floods

waiting, waiting for those waves of sound

that let me know I’m awake.

And finally, statues come alive in a tomb of fantasy

which floods with tears of giant heartbreak.

I blame myself for this deluge of disaster – the betrayal –

until someone can come into this waiting

and tell me, it’s not my fault.


I think it needs a bit more work, but I kind of like it anyway. Hope you enjoy <3


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