Graffiti: A family walk around SF.

Last week my adorable nephew came to visit. I know that you’re probably thinking of a cute kid, maybe 2 or 3 years old, but this adorable nephew is a giant of a 17 year old – and he’s cute just the same. Anyway, we went into the city together, and on our exploration I found two murals that I hadn’t noticed before. The first mural, with the musicians, is from … duh Duh DUH … the Tenderloin. Yes, I’m always in the Tenderloin it seems, and I like it just fine. It is a very powerful mural, and raised a lot of questions for me personally. The most important one being – What happened to the fourth guy?!?!?!?! The second mural was located off of Valencia st. in an alleyway in the Mission. It really reminded me of another mural I photographed on Market St., though I have no idea if this one was done by Chor Boogie. The scales of many colors, and the general feeling I get makes me think that it is though.

Just in case you are wondering what a 17 year old and a 27 year old could possibly do together while walking around San Francisco, I will enlighten you. I really went all out ;) We started out in Japantown (after dropping off the tailcoat I was working on for finals at my school) and ate some snacks – including delicious crepes at the Belly Good Cafe. I have a huge sweet tooth, and this place always makes me blissfully happy. Then we went to Fillmore St. for some high end shopping. Just kidding. I had an errand to run there, but it is a pretty swanky part of San Francisco. Then we hopped on a bus to get to the Mission, where we actually did enjoy window shopping. There are some pretty awesome stores on Valencia St. from 15th to say, 20th street or so, and we took full advantage of them all. We also enjoyed coffee at FourBarrel. DELICIOUS!!!!! They always have really interesting art too – and who can say no to watching people actually roasting beans while sipping on a delicious cappuccino?

All in all a great hangout day with the added bonus of scoring some awesome graffiti shots. Yay nephews <3


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