Understanding the International Man of Mystery.


This was a weekend of exploration. New grounds. Breathtaking discoveries. I watched Austin Powers for the first time, and experienced the delight of Gosling. No, not Ryan Gosling, but the deliciousness of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. I thought sake was my only weakness, but it turns out even I’m a bit susceptible to the Gosling – Dark and Stormy. It was a great weekend.

Now, it might be hard for some to understand why someone of my age and disposition had yet to experience the delight of Austin Powers, but there it is. I hadn’t ever seen it. Really, I’ve been preparing for months (years even) for this event. First, we re-watched quite a few of the old James Bond movies when Netflix was about to remove them from their listings. Becoming well versed in the lexicon of the Bond universe will help viewers understand the subtle nuances of Powers, and it was nice to have them fresh in my memories.

Secondly, though perhaps more often neglected, we watched In Like Flint about a month ago. I had no idea why I was being subjected to such rot (a subtle play by my Austin Powers loving boyfriend I presume), but really, it’s an incredibly important movie to Powers. It’s his favorite movie. I still can’t really make up my mind whether or not In Like Flint was supposed to be taken seriously, but I was in hysterics from the sheer horribleness. However, when Wikipedia quotes a New York Times critic saying, “Although the film crawls with dime-store beauties, there is a noticeable lack of sexiness in it. Women bent on being tyrants evidently haven’t much time for anything else” I start to get the feeling that at the time (ha), the movie wasn’t supposed to be making fun of action movies. Action? Yes – Judo CHOP!!! That was the only thing really worthy of getting any screen time. Though, I must admit, the idea of ruling the world through mind controlling hair blow-driers is pretty tempting.

Finally, knowing your Mission Impossibles, Singing in the Rain, and a host of others I probably didn’t pick up on, can’t hurt- Powers likes them too. With this breadth of knowledge at my disposal, I was actually quite impressed. And instantly enlightened about a large facet of my boyfriend’s weird, unexplained quirks (“Are you feeling randy, baby?”). Honestly? I loved it!!! Especially because of how easily and naturally Mike Meyers subverted the masculinity of the spy, the man, the Man of Mystery. He was pretty damn feminine, and I liked it. So we watched all three. All weekend. Parcheesi, Goslings, and Austin Powers. Rinse and repeat. I’d do it forever.  But then, maybe it’s just the Gosling talking. (BTWs, I think the second one was my favorite).


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