Beam me down, Scotty.

So probably, like with most things mainstream, I’ve come upon this a little late, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited (just look at how long it took me to see Austin Powers, for instance). Just in case you’re like me, and haven’t seen ALL the things, this is one thing you should definitely check out. Yeah, it’s from 2001, but it’s still epic.

Let’s start with this. Did you know that the blue whale’s tongue weighs the same as an elephant? In fact, the blue whale is so huge, its heart is around the same size as a small car, and it is larger than any known dinosaur. I didn’t know this, until last week when I watched Blue Planet. Now the world is just that much cooler.

Yes, I’m a nature geek, it’s true. I’d rather watch nature documentaries over reality TV any day. However, not all nature shows are created equal, and this is definitely at the top. The beauty of the imagery was astonishing, and there are plenty of weird, amazing, and gorgeous creatures to keep viewers highly visually stimulated. And an extra side of cute too.

I mean, how could I not have known that more people have gone into space than into the deep ocean? Or that there are entire under-ocean seas of heavier salt brine, complete with their own shores and everything? Or, or, or… really, I could go on. But mostly I want to tell you that nature, whether you are enjoying it outside, or in the comfort of your living room/bedroom/wherever-in-the-hell-you-watch-shows, should be narrated by the voice of Sir David Attenborough. I mean, doesn’t the fact that pipe fish hatch when males literally shake the eggs off their bellies sound so much cooler when an older man’s English accent is playing in your head? I know I think so.

So watch the show, and then next time you take a walk and notice something nature-y, think of Sir David Attenborough. Everything will be so much better.


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