Graffiti: The Mission

Yesterday, on a walk with another visiting nephew (I have two <3) I found myself once again on Mission St. Really, the concentration of graffiti/street art there is quite high, as any San Franciscan knows. At some points, every small alleyway is lined with murals, tags, etc… In such a plethora, I often find myself unable to really photograph anything, and usually just stick to one or two things I find most interesting that day. Well, that happened again. Overwhelmed by color and pattern, I just captured a very few sections that particularly struck my fancy.

The first mural, by Max Ehrman, really grabbed my attention right away. I’ve posted some of his work before (as Eon75), but I can’t say I recognized it right away. Which is cool, since he changes up his art style a bit. However, now that I know, I can see the similarities in the elaborate backgrounds. I think that aside from the huge, sparkly-eyed cat, the intense swirls, shades, and colors of everything around the cat really drew me in. Very beautiful.

Right next to the cat, just a few paces down, is that gorgeous, swirling, snake skeleton. Or snake-like creature I should say. I have no idea who the artist is, but I love how it swirls around a window. With its very simple color palette, it couldn’t be more different than it’s neighbor, but I found it quite striking, and it held it’s own.

Finally, one alleyway down, and I see a very interesting character high on the wall. Once again, I fail at the finding the artist thing, but thing wall personality is amazing. The asymmetrical eyes, huge lips, and misshapen head would make one think of the grotesque, but somehow I just found him very sweet.

Well, there you have it. I didn’t mean for it to turn into some art dissertation, but I hope you enjoy the photos nonetheless.


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