Illustration – I’m practicing.

This semester I’m taking an illustration class. Let me just say this to start – I am not an illustrator. I was never one of those kids who could whip out a cool drawing and make all the adults proud. That just isn’t me. However, I do love to draw, as difficult as it can be for me. I also want to get better at communicating my ideas for design, for anything really, in drawing. Hence, an illustration class.

The kids I’m taking this class with are those kids who can whip out amazingly adorable drawings that make all the adults proud (wait a minute, the class is full of adults, I think I’m giving the wrong impression). Regardless, I’m the only non-illustration major in there, and it can be tough. I’m powering through though. So, I thought I’d share some of my budding work with all of you.

First up, we have my second week homework assignment. The prompt? Draw four flour bags to illustrate the concept of stretch and compression. We could characterize our flour bags if we so desired. I so desired. My flour bags are basically stuffed animal flour bags, and I’m pretty happy with them. They are kind of cute.

For good measure I threw in a few drawings from in-class as well. These are short drawings, from 5-10 minutes, so I don’t always get the details, but they are fun nonetheless. I hope you enjoy my fledgling illustrations.


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