And I’m back!!!

In the last few months I’ve had some pretty major milestones, and it’s been fun. I turned 28. Yay! I graduated from design school (I now have an MFA in women’s fashion). I got married (!!!!!). Yeah, it’s been crazy.

Do I change the name of the blog to reflect my age? I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about that. I didn’t change my name, I’m too attached to it, and my husbando is pretty awesome, so he’s just taking my name instead. One of my best friends made my wedding dress, and I helped – that was pretty awesome. Who hand-sews their wedding dress, with their mom none-the-less, in this day and age? Me. I was also given a beautiful hand-made quilt as a wedding present. Yeah – I love it. It’s like two worlds were completely crashing: some crazy 19th century settlers with totally modern feminist/equality idealists. Our ceremony lasted 3 minutes.

Enough about that. What I am really here to tell you about is a magical, magical place called Prairie Creek. Almost at the Oregon border, this gem of a park is where the Ewoks live. I could tell. I could almost hear their little noises. Not only are ginormous, humongous redwood trees towering over you, beautifully clean air coursing through your lungs, and early morning mists embracing your hair to make it frizz out in all it’s gloriousness, but underneath your feet you can find all sorts of cool things. Snails mostly. And some banana slugs. But they are epic!!!!!! If you are lucky, like we were, you will also encounter a herd of elk. What are elk, you ask? Think deer on steroids, with fuzzy horns and cream bottoms. Let’s just say I was super glad to be in a car when they were about 2 meters from me.

Our first full day there we did a 10+ mile hike through the redwoods (on Irvine trail), then through the stunning Fern Canyon, onto the beach, and back through the forest via Miner’s Ridge Trail. Highly recommended unless you have some slight knee issues – like we have. We persevered. It was worth it.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy, and maybe it will lure you into coming to California, or if you are already here, driving up the coast. I can only apologize for the quality of the pictures. For some reason I can’t figure out how to make my iphone take good nature photography. It’s a shortcoming of mine – I’m sorry. However, Prairie Creek is amazaballs. Stuff of legends I tell you.


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