Who’s afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?


Do you like murder mysteries? Do you enjoy the real, gritty versions of fairy tales? Can you admit to secretly wishing that fairy tale creatures really lived among us, like maybe in New York? Your dreams, wishes, and aspirations have just been fulfilled. A new episodic video game by the makers of The Walking Dead  recently finished its first season. Based on the comic series Fables, by Bill Willingham, this Telltale Games series really grabbed my attention from the very first episode.

Before I introduce it any farther, I feel compelled to confess a few things. I don’t like The Walking Dead. Before anyone accuses me of raining on the zombie parade, please remember that I like end-of-the-world, zombie apocalypses just as much as the next girl, or boy. Feel free to read my review of The Last of Us (I loved it). However, The Walking Dead just doesn’t do it for me. I somehow can’t get involved in the art style, and the story line simply doesn’t grab my imagination. The narrative seems slow – I feel like nothing really happens with only a meandering plot and no direction – and I can never figure out if it is supposed to be an action game or not (not that I feel compelled to put things in boxes, but this one just really didn’t make sense). Of course, I haven’t watched my brother play the second season, which most people claim is superior, so perhaps that would change my mind. I’m not convinced.

Now that I have pretty much offended everyone everywhere, I will say that The Wolf Among Us fixed everything that I didn’t like about The Walking Dead, and made a beautiful, compelling, and interesting game. If you are like most of the population and love The Walking Dead, don’t fear, you will also love The Wolf Among Us. Your choices make an impact on the game (maybe even more so than previously), the controls will feel familiar, and the entire set up will probably make you squeal. I squealed a few times. I would actually like to have another play through to see how a new story flows. The action is gritty, the plot clear and always progressing, and the characters are well developed with great dialogue. Think Noir meets fairytales meets a 1980’s neon light extravaganza featuring Kurt Russell. Basically it’s badassery, beautiful cuts, awesome music, and great suspense all around. It also has the most hilarious glitch/mod/bug ever. EVAR.

Though we were able to figure out ‘whodunit’ relatively early on in the series, the how’s and why’s were quite fun to finally see, and the end let us know that we shouldn’t be so sure of ourselves as all that. Let’s just say they set it up nicely for a season 2, and I’m excited!!!!


Image credit: http://www.twinfinite.net/2013/10/11/the-wolf-among-us-ep-1-faith-review-grandma-bloodied-fangs/


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