Clothing in Detail: Everlane

I’m starting a new series of posts!!!! As you probably know, I love writing about books, video games, and a few other random topics. Well, now I’m going to do a series on clothing companies. Dah dah dah DAHHHHHH!

Production – how something is made, the quality of it’s fabrication, and the environmental/human impact a company has – is very important to me. Last year I did some research into production, conducted a few interviews, and wrote a blog post about the experience. I promised that I would pass on any companies that I felt were doing great things in the fashion industry, and while looking for jobs, talking to friends, and shopping myself, I’ve found a few. 

Some of these companies are doing great things in their production process and some of them are using technology in cool ways – I’ll let you know why I like each one. I am posting these companies because I genuinely find their business interesting, and their aesthetics are worth looking into. Since it’s a lot of information, I’ll be highlighting one company at a time.

First up: Everlane

This company really might be my favorite. They practice something called ‘radical transparency,’ which means they tell you everything. Seriously, they give a lot of information. Each item has a breakdown of company cost and then final cost to the consumer. Everlane conducts business online only, so middlemen buying prices, which greatly increases final price point, are cut out. Additionally, they are very hands on with their factories. This is what really endears this company to me. They regularly visit their factories, put on their website which factories make what clothing, and even conduct documented factory tours. In a world where most companies factory hop and stay as far away as possible from production, this model of accountability encourages and delights me.

One of the bonuses of working closely with factories is that they really get to know how the work is done. This means they have done a lot of research and hand picked the very best factories for each product. After exploring their website extensively it is easy to see how important quality work is to their brand identity. This means that we, as consumers, get the best workmanship possible for the lowest price without majorly screwing anyone over in the process.

As far as design philosophy goes, Everlane has a simplicity and parred down aesthetic that almost everyone can get behind. While a fashionista may not find bold statement pieces here, the quality of their fabric and ease of design makes for great staples. I own a few things of theirs at this point (admittedly not as many as I would like), as I have known about them for a couple of years, and I love them all. So far, there hasn’t been a single thing I have purchased that disappointed me. For online shopping that’s truly amazing. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a womenswear only line – they have a great selection of menswear too!

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken while in Everlane clothing <3



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