Friday Obsessions: Journelle Sale!!

While I’m a little late for their yearly July sale (most of those discounted items are gone already), Journelle currently has an amazing sale section. If you hadn’t guessed from the picture, Journelle is an online lingerie boutique. They have many great designers – from La Perla, to Huit, Ella MacPherson, Fleur of England, and Myla – as well as awesome customer support.

My recent obsession? Filling up my shopping cart with all the amazingly beautiful things I could desire, staring at them longingly, clearing my cart, and starting over. However, if, unlike me, you have a job currently with some income flow, you may want to check them out and actually buy something. There is no reason to have ugly, ill-fitting lingerie. If you shop smart, you can have beautiful pieces that fit and support you to your level of comfort. Check carefully the fit notes for each style, as they comment if the bra runs small or large. Also, don’t hesitate to start an online chat support with them – they are incredibly nice and helpful.


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