Graffiti, London
Graffiti, London

“I dreamt that I had learned a way of saving time I didn’t need to spend, and having it to spend when I needed it. Like the time you spend waiting in a doctor’s office, or coming back from someplace you didn’t enjoy going to, or waiting for a bus — all the useless spaces. Well, it was a matter of taking them and folding them up, like broken boxes, so that they took up less room. It was really an easy trick, once you knew you could do it.”

Little, Big, John Crowley

I used to have a lot of wasted time. Now, I’m trying to save it. This blog is, in effect, my broken box. I take my extra wasted time, those spaces where I dream of books and clouds and jellyfish, and write it down. It doesn’t take much space, just a tiny corner in the vast expanse of Internet Information, but I’d like to think that when I need it, like broken boxes, I’ll be able to re-build and live forever.


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